Project Planning

This project uses the ESENT Managed Interface Codeplex project as the basis for creating VFP-language compatible data methods in VFP.Net.

The initial work will be on the basics, pretty much in this order:
  • Creating a Database (CREATE DATABASE...)
  • Open a Database (OPEN DATABASE)
  • Close a Database (CLOSE DATABASE)
  • Creating a Datasession (this is implicit in VFP, although many of us used custom objects with their own attached datasession to get this behavior)
  • Creating a Table (CREATE TABLE)
  • Using a Table (USE)
  • Closing a Table (USE IN)
  • Creating an Index (INDEX)
  • Finding a Record (SEEK; INDEXSEEK)
  • Adding a Record (APPEND BLANK)
  • Deleting a Record (DELETE)
  • Updating a Record (TABLEUPDATE)

After that the ancillary functions (USED(), ALIAS(), ADBOBJECTS(), etc.) will be filled in.

Parameters Parser Discussion Here.

Delineate VFP Commands and Functions, and Specify Corresponding Methods

For Each Method: Document, Create Tests, Write Code, Test, Iterate.

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